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Join the Veggie Revolution

Eat Your Greens

We’ve started a Veggie Revolution to enhance how we feed our children – with more veggies and less fruit sugars. We’re calling on all mamas, papas, friends and family to come together and shout from the rafters that veggies are so, so good.

Veggies are brimming with vitamins and minerals and are a natural laxative – dare we mention the ‘p’ word? And they have less fruit sugars and we all shout a big 'hooray' to that! A baby learns so much in the first few years and in introducing them to healthy eating you’re setting them up for a lifetime of good food - with lots more veggies. Our recipes are a natural balance of veggies, fruits and grains – but always with more veggies.

Our mission is to turn this Revolution into something positive for these tiny tasters – to teach them all about good food and healthy eating. We’ve got a very fun ride ahead, come join our Veggie Revolution!

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SMARTfood for SUPERbabies

tasty - very veggie - hearty

In introducing a variety of ingredients early in the weaning process you’re encouraging your little ones to expand their tiny taste buds. We’ve created a rainbow of recipes with a variety of ingredients as it’s important that your baby can actually taste the individual flavours. If there’s broccoli in a recipe, you’ll taste it. And for those who worry about broccoli, we’ve added banana to add some sweetness.

We want to show your babies what veggies and fruits truly taste like. Pumpkin pops beautifully, peach is peachy, spinach is earthy, kiwi is kicking and pea, well that’s just pea-tastic. We’ve brought the garden to your baby with these super foods that are super nutritious and delicious. You think your 'little pumpkins' won’t like veggies, just try us!

Our smart snacks

Our Ingredients

organic – simple - wholesome

Pumpkin’s very veggie snacks are made with only organic, simple ingredients - and nothing else! Our purees are pesticide-free and use a delicious combination of organic vegetables, fruits and grains sourced from organic farms within the EU - the bananas are baby organic certified from Ecuador.

Our ingredients are delicate on tiny tummies and are great for babies who have eaten their first foods. And as taste is always our top priority we’ve tasted and tested each recipe with our ‘little pumpkins’ and they’re shouting More! More! More!

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Read the Label

There are no surprises in our recipes

We’re proud to say that our purees have no added sugars (the sugars in our recipes are naturally occurring), no added salt, no additives, no preservatives and no concentrates. Why add any bad stuff when we’ve got so much good already!

We believe in being transparent and have clearly written the list of ingredients on our labels. On the back you’ll find the percentage of veggies and fruits so you know exactly what’s in a pouch. And we always have more veggies!

You’ll find no other surprises, just delicious organic ingredients that combine the best flavours - flavours that your baby will love and you can trust.

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Play and learn with us

Great games and ideas for your little ones

Your babies are starting on a super exciting adventure and we’ve created a fabulous playground for them to play in. Watch them learn their colours, sing their abcs and play with shapes. It’s as easy as one, two, three.

All you need to do is download our pdfs and let’s get rolling. Bring them to a restaurant or take them on a plane, they're perfect for keeping your little ones entertained. Have fun!

Play with us

Let’s Quetsch!

We're the veggiest snack in town

We’ve started a Veggie Revolution so join us on Facebook Facebook and Instagramm @pumpkin.organics #veggierevolution