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Our SMART snacks are

organic, innovative and delicious

Watch your baby discover a world of exciting new tastes and textures with our delicious SMART snacks. We’ve created an organic veggie puree that tastes great, is ideal for on-the go and perfect for all ages – for babies, toddlers, kids (even mamas and papas).

And what makes it so smart? We’ve upped the veggie content in our recipes to make them so very veggie – up to 70% in fact. It goes without saying (but we’ll shout it from the rafters anway) you’ll find no junk in our snacks – no added sugars, concentrates or additives. Your baby will love the smartest snack in town and mama, you'll love that they're so very veggie.

Discover our veggie pouches

Pumpkin’s Philosophy

All babies are super smart!

Our little ones are the happiest little people who have an amazing zest for life and a huge appetite for new adventures. As parents, it’s our mission to give them the best start and what better way than with great nutritious food that will help them grow and go... and go and go!

Our mission is to take your super babies on a food journey that expands their minds with good healthy eating. That’s why we’ve more veggies in our pouches. More veggies and less fruit - and less fruit sugars. Our ingredients have been chosen for their nutritional value and have been blended into delicious, unique recipes that are delicate on tiny tummies. We believe all babies are super and deserve the very best right from the first bite.

Taste our trial box

Veggies are our first love

They many not be your baby's... and that's ok

It’s natural for your little ones to reject new foods – it’s part of their sensory development. Don’t be put off by the nose-wrinkling, ugh faces! Weaning is a great next step for you and your baby. It's a time for new tastes, textures and smells and sometimes your little ones just don’t want to try new things. It has been said that it can take some babies up to 14 different attempts before they accept new foods. Stay strong, mama, your baby will definitely learn to love their veggies.

Veggies are our first love and we hope to share this love with your ‘little pumpkins’ too. Vegetables help digestion, boost the immune system and are an excellent way to ensure baby’s nutritional needs are met each day. With an abundance of organic veggies, our SMART snacks are a tasty treat for your SUPER babies. You think your baby won’t like veggies, just try us!

Join the Veggie Revolution

The first 1,000 days

Make every bite count

It’s amazing that babies taste buds begin to develop in the womb and that they can distinguish between the different tastes and flavours that mama eats. And some of those flavours may also be remembered when weaning starts. The first year of a baby’s development is an amazing adventure of discovery and experimentation and that applies to their taste buds too.

In making their first bite a wholesome and nutritious one, you’re ensuring your baby is starting down a path of healthy eating. The next stage is a hugely exciting one as the first steps, the first words and the first foods take center stage.

Those first foods can be so much fun – and so very messy! It’s all about trying new things – touch, taste and feel. Watch your little ones delight as they squish sweet potato into their little mouths, or chomp on chewy broccoli, or scoop up fistfuls of fluffy quinoa. This experimentation is exactly how babies develop and learn to love new flavours. So, enjoy this new phase, it can be hilariously messy and it sure does make a great video!

What's in our recipes