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What makes our Pumpkin Quetschies so special

Simple, delicious, and full of veggies!

We dream in green

Making little veggie-lovers for life

Yes, traditional baby foods are deemed as wholesome and time-saving. But do they really meet the needs of our little ones? Truth be told, most labels are missing out on nutritious, honest ingredients. Too much fruits, too much sugar and too little veggies. We believe our babies deserve better! Motivated by our love for cooking and vegetables, we dug our hands in the dirt to come up with a practical, fun, super-yummy snack that could match up to the fast paced parenting life. Briefly after, Pumpkin Organics™ came to life! Bringing to the table 8 delicious veggie-powered recipes that squeeze the very best out of these green superfoods. Our goal? To grow stronger, healthier babies. From our kitchen to yours, with much love and dedication, we’d like to invite you to join the #veggierevolution!

It’s what’s inside that counts

Keeping the goodness in and the * out

We’re proud to say that our purees contain no junk whatsoever. Nothing, nada, nichts! Every recipe is tailored from 100% organic ingredients that you can trust, and your baby will love. Artificial additives, added sugars, salts, and even citric concentrates are a big no-no in our Pumpkin Organics factory. Broccoli and bananas? Absolutely yes! Carrots and pears? You got it! In our quetschies you’ll find a rainbow of delicious tastes and textures. Ideal for the weaning baby, to the ever-energetic toddler...and, for mommy and daddy and grandma and grandpa as well!

Pick your favorite Quetschies

Browse through our delicious flavors and choose what your baby loves

Try the unique flavours of our vegetable and fruit purees and discover a world of great tastes and textures. Our baby food, from 6 months on, is a perfect puree for babies who have had their first foods. Our very-veggie pouches have more vegetables, less fruit (which means less fruit sugar) and are 100% organic. Our mission: more veggies for babies, kids and adults. #letsquetsch

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