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A delicious snack

for your 'little pumpkins'

Always more veggies

more veggies and less sugar

We've started a Veggie Revolution and made snacking easy for your 'little pumpkins'. Our mission (and obsession) is to have more veggies and less fruit in our pouches - some with up to 70% veggies. Vegetables help digestion, boost the immune system and are an excellent way to ensure baby’s nutritional needs are met each day. And with more veggies there’s less sugars too.

We’ve made sure your little one has the veggiest snack in town. Let's go baby!

Simple, honest, organic ingredients

with no junk whatsoever

Our very veggie snacks are made with only organic, simple ingredients − with no added sugars, salt, concentrates, additives or preservatives. Veggies are bursting with vitamins and minerals and are a great way to ensure your baby's nutritional needs are met each day.

Our recipes have been cleverly crafted to delight your baby’s taste buds with only the purest organic ingredients - with no junk whatsoever. We've combined wholesome veggies, fruits and grains and created delicous recipes that your baby will love and you can trust.

The veggiest snack to-go

Make baby's first food count

Snacking is an integral part of a baby’s daily routine so let’s make baby’s first bite a nutritious and delicious one. Our snacks have great amounts of vegetables as research has shown that eating veggies from an early age can have lifelong nutritional benefits.

We've made sure our pouches are the veggiest snack around! Whether it’s a morning pitstop, afternoon tea, or a quick picnic, we’ve got you covered. Just grab and go!

Let's get some yummy in baby's tummy

The easy and delicious way to eat veggies everyday

Join the Veggie Revolution

We want more veggies in our baby's food!

We’ve started a Veggie Revolution to help your ‘little pumpkins’ love veggies from the very first bite. Let's make healthy eating a whole lot more fun with our delicious pouches and very veggie recipes. Our mission: more veggies for babies, kids and adults.

We've created a Pumpkin Playground for your keen learners with fun games, make-and-bake recipes and expert tips. Come join our Veggie Revolution!

From our family to yours

Our mission and passion : Always More Veggies!

I’m Jaclyn, the founder and pumpkin-in-chief of Pumpkin Organics. I’m so delighted you’ve come to discover our new organic purees. I’ve long been an advocate of good ingredients, delicious food and a healthy, balanced approach to eating.

Having worked in the food and baby industry for over a decade I realized that there was way too much sugar − everywhere. The more I researched the more I found a web of inaccuracies and believed that babies could have more nutritious snacks with less sugar − and more vegetables. Welcome to Pumpkin Organics - the veggiest snack in town.